Simplify your nutrition

A virtual coach that will guide you on how to structure your nutrition to reach your goals.

A screenshot of the application showing the checkin process where a user is able to select their goal weight.

Break through your plateau with meals that fit your training goals.

A screenshot of the dashboard page for a user that shows a list of three meal plans that they can view, a trend of their body weight, and a trend of their macro nutrient targets.


Weekly check-ins make it easy to stay on track and help you track your progress. Select macronutrient and calorie targets for the week based on recommendations from

A screenshot showing the dashboard overview in


Select from meal recommendations based on your specific weekly goals and dietary preferences. will adjust to account for your specific targets - no more tinkering with macros or calories.

A screenshot showing a vertical list of meals across several days along with their calories and macronutrient values.


Use built-in tools to plan for grocery shopping and meal prep for the week. Save your time and effort for the gym - let do the rest!

A meal preparation list showing two servings of a scrambled eggs recipe and one serving of a ground beef and rice recipe, organized vertically.

Provides Variety takes into account your preferences and chooses from a selection of ever-growing recipes that match your criteria. You can add your own as well.

Personalized will select recipes that avoid intolerances, allergies, or preferences that you may have. Includes keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and more!

Mobile Optimized is with you when you need it on the go.

Less thinking, more doing


Structuring your nutrition can be challenging - but it shouldn't get in the way of your training goals. uses your check-in data and preferences to take the guesswork out of meal planning. No need to tinker with macros or calories - get back in the gym and let take care of the rest.

Symbolizing training, a person is holding a loaded barbell in a snatch position while wearing gym attire.

SPECIFIC GOALS generated meal plans are custom generated based on your specific goals. No more "cookie-cutter" meals from personal trainers.

A top-down view of colorful foods including eggs, vegetables, and a chicken and lemon meal in a meal prep container.

I was hitting a wall with my training and knew I needed to improve on my nutrition to make progress, but I didn't know where to start. makes it easy to stay on the right track and recommends new recipes to keep my meals interesting. I'm making progress again and can focus on the gym while does the rest!

Jimmy Thompson

Toronto, CA

I've enjoyed using to bring variety to my mealplans while still giving me the structure that I need. Given that I eat very consistently, the automated meal planning gives me exactly what I need to stay on track for my macros but enough variety when I get bored.

I am eager to use the checkin features so that I can have better accountability!

Nick Cosentino

Seattle, WA

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